Important Instructions
  1. If there is any discrepancy and clash of papers in date sheet, email at

  2. The candidate can opt only one option, either offline or online.

  3. The online examinations will be conducted with live monitoring and shall be subjective type (through scanning & uploading).

  4. The candidate opting online mode shall have to arrange hardware of required specifications (Desktop / Laptop / Mobile with good camera) and high speed internet on its own.

  5. The candidate shall be responsible for functioning of hardware and internet. No claim will be considered for malfunctioning of hardware / failure of internet or uploaded blurred (Non Readable) images /pages/pdf.

  6. It will be compulsory to rotate the camera 360° as soon as the exam starts. During examination the candidate may be asked to rotate the camera by 360° i.e. all around just to ensure that no undesirable activity is practiced. If candidate will not do it, he / she may be booked under unfair means.

  7. The students will not be allowed to leave his / her position in front of camera during tenure of examination. Any movement or doubtful activity will be considered as Unfair Mean Case. (All movements are recorded and monitored with AI enabled system).

  8. It is compulsory to sit alone in the room while appearing in Online Exam, failing which the candidate may be booked under unfair means.

  9. A mirror of minimum size of 4’ X 3’ feet must be placed behind the candidate to cover candidate, screen of device and surroundings. Please ensure your examination area must be Noise free.

  10. The candidate is required to write answers on A4 pages (format attached) and is required to upload the pages on online examination portal.

  11. The candidate can upload maximum 40 pages.

  12. Only the pages uploaded through your login ID on University Online Examination Portal shall be considered and evaluated. No hard copy or email shall be considered.

  13. The candidate shall be required to follow all the instructions available and fill requisite information on online portal before start of examination.

  14. The candidate shall not be allowed to appear in online exam after 30 minutes from the start of the examination.

  15. Answer Sheet uploading time will be 60 minutes.